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Topamax warning issued by FDA, contact TLOWDB for immediate legal help!

 Major recall regarding Darvocet brand medication contact us today! 

 FDA and JNJ issue recall for children's and infant medications, visit for more.

FDA issues strong warning on weight lost products.

 FDA issues suicide warning on epilepsy drugs.


Poor ratings issued for booster seats

 Based on a study report issued by the Institute for Highway Safety and the University of Michigan, 13 kid booster seats received a poor rating for appropriately securing children in seat belts to protect in a crash.

 This is the first time the institute had ever evaluated car booster seats. The seats are generally used for children ages 4 to 8.

 The report concluded that the Institute could not recommend the following products:
 Compass B505, Compass B510, Cosco/Dorel Traveler, Evenflo Big Kid Confidence, Safety Angel Ride Ryte, Cosco/Dorel Alpha Omega, Cosco/Dorel (Eddie Bauer) Summit, Cosco Highback Booster, Dorel/Safety 1 st (Eddie Bauer) Prospect, Evenflo Chase Comfort Touch, Evenflo Generations, Graco CarGo Zephyr, and Safety 1st/Dorel Intera.


Safe Summer

 We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer. As we approach Mother's day, Memorial day and Father's day, we remind people as we all gather around with family to talk and be prepared should tragedy occur. The summer months are also hurricane season along the gulf coast, so its important to update your records and keep them in a safe place. Wills, insurance papers and other important documents need to be updated.

 As we gather for the special family events, consider talking about living wills, medical directives or other plans should you or a loved one become incapacitated. Which family members are aware of your wishes should an accident occur? A living will can express your wishes to your family and doctors.

 For more information on these and other legal options please contact The Law Offices of William D. Bonilla, P.C.


If you or someone you know has been injured in a collision or as a result of a defective product, contact   The Law Offices of William D. Bonilla, P.C.

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